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Pennsylvania AHEC Scholars Program

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The Pennsylvania AHEC Scholars Program is a two-year, customizable program that aims to prepare health professions and allied health students to care for rural and underserved patients and other vulnerable populations. It is our goal that through this program, AHEC Scholars will approach learning, future patient care, and research in a manner that is culturally competent, interprofessional, holistic, and responsive to current and emerging health needs. Scholars will learn to provide continuously improving rapid care in a rapidly changing health care system through didactic and community-based experiential activities that focus on six core topic areas related to individual and population health, health care delivery, and health outcomes. Those six core topics include:

  1. Interprofessional Education
  2. Social Determinants of Health
  3. Practice Transformation
  4. Cultural Competency
  5. Behavioral Health
  6. Current and Emerging Issues




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The program prepares health professional and allied health students interested in rural and underserved care to provide continuously improving care in a transforming health care system. This care will be culturally competent, interprofessional, holistically integrated, and responsive to current and emerging health needs and social determinants of health in rural and underserved communities.

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Preparing future Health Professionals for Rural and Underserved Care

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Spring 2022 Speaker Series

Cheri Rinehart, Community Health Centers for the Underserved

For those interested in caring for the most vulnerable in our society, these health centers are established as the backbone of our nation’s safety-net health care system. Community health centers provide care where others will not go from a business standpoint–to the poorest of the poor.

May 03, 6:00 PM EDT

Cheri Rinehart Spring Speaker Series by NWPAAHEC

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